Monday, February 15, 2010

Cover Girls

Sometimes when I look at people I see something akin to a trail of past life influences almost literally tagging along behind them. This is rare, but when I do see it (to me anyway) it always suggests someone with a long history of achievement in a particular field--the most obvious place one finds this is with artists: painters, dancers, violinists, jugglers, whatever. But singers--great singers--are a breed all their own and these nine women all have that very distinct "karmic gift" . . . this doesn't mean their lives are easy or even that they will be "successful" . . . but it does suggest that they have "something" that the others just don't.

Two women stand out on this list because the very first time I saw them their aura was SO BIG that I was totally blown away. The most intense "psychic reaction" ever, I think, was with Jill Scott. That is a woman bringing a LONG line of music with her. The other one is Lauryn Hill. She, too, is reaching WAY back with a strong musical "history".

I love Amy Winehouse--no matter what her personal life may be, as an artist she truly takes my breath away with how good she is . . . but the one singer on this list who, I believe, is the most karmically "gifted" . . . the one with the true finger print of God on her chest and in her heart is . . . Ms. Aguilera . . . a star of the opera (yes that is the image I always see with her) many many many times. I believe she is the MOST "gifted", at least based on my perception of her "aura".

Past live "influences" and "karmic gifts" . . . and "debts" . . . are a weird and wonderful and certainly controversial topic for discussion. But I do think these women (and of course they are not the only ones, either--just ones who stand out to me in dramatic ways) have "that thing".

I am also including a story I have told many times about my "vision" of another singer and my guess as to who he may have been . . .

1. Christina Aguilera

2. Marianne Faithfull

3. Ute Lemper

4. Amy Winehouse

5. Jill Scott

6. Lauren Hill

7. Diana Ross

8. Mariah Carey

9. Shelby Lynne


"The Reincarnation of Buddy Holly"

I was listening to the radio back in 1983 and heard a new song by a young artist I had never heard before and when I looked out in to the living room by the stereo I saw, pretty much plain as day, an image of Buddy Holly. Even for me, this was sort of a "strange" thing and I thought it "odd" but then much of my life has "been odd" for quite awhile and so I went about my business--the song ended, Buddy said adios.

Next time I heard the song on the radio, same thing--out of nowhere VERY intense image of Buddy Holly, glasses, guitar, the whole Buddy Holly "thang". I began noticing that every time this artist came on the radio I saw Buddy Holly's image but I ONLY saw it when this artist played.

The song was a hit but all hits fade and then, brand new song shows up and poof once again: Buddy Holly. I didn't realize it at the time but it turned out that this was the second release by this young artist. I theorized that this singer was perhaps the reincarnation of Buddy Holly and I tried to find out if the math for this held true in any way. This was back in the dark ages before there was such a thing as the "internet" . . . yes those days did exist . . . and it was not an easy thing to confirm.

Later, I found something which I think is very intriguing. Buddy Hollly died, along with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper, on February 3, 1959. The artist I heard all those years ago, if my "theory" were true, I supposed should have been born pretty close to nine months later, in November of 1959.

The artist's birthday was, in fact, November 5, 1959--nine months and two days after Buddy Holly died. His breakthrough album, "Cuts Like a Knife", was recorded in 1982, when he was 22 years old--the age Buddy Holly was when he died.

In an ironic twist, that same year my girl friend, who lived with me at the time, contracted leukemia. She was also 22 years old; sadly, Lisa died five years later.

The artist I heard all those years ago . . . and the person I feel is likely to be the reincarnation of the great Buddy Holly is . . . Bryan Adams.

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