Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As Many as 693 Large Sinkholes Found in China

Eight days ago, I said the earth was "heating up" and that earthquakes and other earth changes would intensify . . . in the past week, there have been 54 major (5.0 or better) earthquakes, as well as several earthquake "swarms" in both Hawaii and Russia, as well as this . . .

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Earth is Heating Up

On the 21st, I said earthquake activity would begin to "speed up" -- since then, over the last 3 days there have been 14 major 5.0 or higher earthquakes, plus this "swarm of earthquakes" in Hawaii -- which happened about 15 hours after my post. The earth, once again, as it did when I last talked about them in September, is "heating up".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Occupy 2012

I "predicted" the Occupy Wall Street movement about 6 weeks before it started -- which at the time no one believed -- and about a week before the lights went out, I said goodnight, Irene, it is about to go underground -- which, as usual, few believed, either

although now, thankfully, there are lots and lots of people who would believe pretty much anything I said . . . but those are only the people who have "followed me" over the years . . . anyway -- here is my prediction for the "next wave"

soon there will be a MASS movement, led by artists, that will change the world. A revolution of consciousness . . . about to begin, with no downtown campgrounds, no centralized location, but a strong pervasive movement nonetheless. It will CHANGE the world :)

The Reincarnation of . . .

Sometimes, in VERY rare cases, I will see a "trail of past lives", sort of like a trick with multiple images in a mirror, trailing behind an individual. It is truly rare, but if I see it, it is ONLY because this person has some element of genius (or, conversely, ignobility) that has accumulated over many, many lifetimes.

I had never heard of this young woman until about an hour ago but when I looked at her, I saw this "karmic trail" but -- even more than that, I saw a specific lifetime "pop up" to me. This has happened to me perhaps 20-25 times, if that, but it happened when I saw this young woman.

You are in for the rarest of karmic rarities . . . something I have, literally, never seen. This woman is, if my take on her is correct -- and I feel very strongly as if it is -- playing a piece that she wrote well over 100 years ago. This young Asian pianist is . . . in my opinion (because I see his face plain as day)

quite literally, the reincarnation of Franz Liszt !!

New Year's Eve

"Tonight is the future of the past" . . I wanted to do something meaningful and beautiful to set the tone for this magical year we've all been looking towards: 2012.

I chose to spend the minutes leading up to midnight watching this amazing tone poem by the mystical Russian composer Alexandre Scriabin, now just minutes before the clock turns from 2011 to 2012 :)

2012 -- The year of the Outlaw

A professional psychic, a corporate whistle-blower, a "LIBERAL" and over-all political hellion, with porn-star friends as well as friends of various flavors/races/nationalities and sexual orientations, an actor in B MINUS horror films, a man just cocky enough to write an autobiography and, with a semi-straight face, call it "Karmic Outlaw" --

Someone who says the truth when it is politically inconvenient, who doesn't feel the need to have everyone go along, who can stand apart, if need be -- and will rock all boats, in all seas, in all types of weather . . .

I realize that, to many -- and that number will grow, I am a threat. So be it.

2012 will be the year for outlaws and rebels of all types to find their voice and make a better world. Throw the cookie cutter away. It is time to rock out. 2012 is in 2 days. Get ready.

The "eccentrics", the innovators, wild-child God-thirsty creatures howling at the moon. THIS is gonna be YOUR year :)

The man who has no imagination has no wings

(Originally Posted December 27, 2011)

The "powers that be" have created a climate of thought that suggests that ONLY nice conservative workaholics have a chance, that only by turning a blind eye to the rape of the environment or the pervasive racism that runs rampant can one succeed.

Questioning any aspect of the one size discriminates all, off the shelf, robo-mind disqualifies you from sharing in the bounty of the universe. This is the message repeated over and over and over again.

Be different and risk being banished from the kingdom.

The only way -- and in my opinion it IS the only way -- to change the world is to flip this mind-set on its head. Outlaws who succeed in business, minorities who prosper and thrive. Beat the old guard at their own game. THAT is what will happen in 2012.

There is more than one way to win. Find that way and the world will change. Occupy Business not to change it, 'cause it won't change, but to beat it on its "home turf". It can be done. Truly it can.

"The man who has no imagination has no wings." -- Muhammad Ali